IRIS Institute held a talk on Conflict in the Middle East

COO IRIS Institute, Syed Ahmad Israa’ Syed Ibrahim was invited to held a talk on conflict in the Middle East to 10 Briged Para. 10 Briged Paratrooper or known as 10 PARA was initially an infantry brigade in the Malaysian Army and was upgraded to be an elite force in the Malaysian Armed Forces. 10 PARA is the team element of Pasukan Aturgerak Cepat, PAC ATM. 127 military officers were present to hear on the analysis framework on the ongoing crisis in the Middle East, especially in the case of Sy...

IRIS Institute attended a seminar on ‘The Origin and Intellectuality of Malay’

Two of IRIS’ analysts, Luqman Abd Hamid and Mohd Zul Fahmi Md Bahrudin attended a seminar entitled ‘ The Origin and Intellectuality of Malay’ at the Auditorium of the National Library of Malaysia. The seminar brings the theme of ‘Menyorot Sejarah Bangsa, Melakar Kegemilangan Pusaka’, which propagates to highlight the the nation’s history along with the hope to shape the glory of the Malay heritage. The first presentation was presented by Puan Zaharah Sulaiman, the President of Ikatan Ahli Ar...

Workshop on “Towards Global Publishing: Springer Publishing Workshop”

November 2 - IRIS’ Analyst, Asyraf Farique, attended a workshop conducted by Adjunct Prof. Dr. Hans Günter Brauch entitled : “Towards Global Publishing: Springer Publishing Workshop”. The workshop was organised by "Pusat Penyelidikan Politik dan Keselamatan (PPPK), UKM" Dr Hans is adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Political Science and Social Sciences, Free University of Berlin and also editor at Springer Publisher. He had published 72 books, studies and research reports, 150 book chapter...

IRIS Institute visited Profesor Madya Dr Zarina Othman, lecturer in the School of History, Politics and Strategy.

IRIS’ analysts along with Profesor Dr Norbahiyah Misran had a networking meeting with Professor Madya Dr Zarina Othman, a lecturer in the School of History, Politics and Strategy. The meeting was fruitful as Profesor Madya Dr Zarina shared her viewpoints and her analysis with regards to international politics that includes regional security, human security, border security, maritime security and others. Several issues were discussed during the meeting that revolves around global politics today....

“Quo Vadis Pax Americana” in UKM

IRIS analysts, Syed Ahmad Israa' and Asyraf Farique, attended a public lecture by Prof Tosh Minohara of Kobe University, Japan, at the National University of Malaysia (UKM) yesterday. In this lecture which was titled "Quo Vadis Pax Americana", Prof Tosh discussed extensively about the 'power transition' or the 'hegemonic shift' that is currently taking place in the world. Prof Tosh started by asserting that the US today is not the US we knew in 1950s when it won over the Soviet and established t...

Middle East Congress on Politics and Society

On the 11th until the 13th of October 2016, two of IRIS' researchers, Fatin Nadhirah and Iffah Fadhilah had the opportunity to attend the Middle East Congress on Politics and Society organized by Sakarya University in Sakarya, Turkey. Notable speakers include Rafik Abdessalem, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tunisia, Youssef Choueiri from Doha Institute, Dr Cuneyt Yenigun from sultan Qaboos University, Oman and many more. Middle East is indeed a complex region, historically and cultural...

Discussion with Prof Madya Dr Shamrahayu Abd Aziz

IRIS Institute had the opportunity to spend time with Prof Madya Dr Shamrahayu Abd Aziz to discuss issues on  the history of the formation of state and nation, roles of rukunegara (pillars of the country) in building a constructive patriotism. There is unfortunately a gap in the concept of statehood that takes into account the context of Malaysia, which is based upon Islam, Malay and the Malay Royalty. It is IRIS’ aspiration to fill the gap with valid facts, and justifiable material and substan...

IRIS & MILAD visited Dr Mohamed Aslam

IRIS, MILAD, and Dr Mohamed Aslam Gulam Hasan
July 19, 2016 - MILAD and its strategic partner, IRIS Institute representatives were given the opportunity to visit Dr Mohamed Aslam Gulam Hassan, a senior lecturer in Economics Department, Faculty of Economics & Administrations, University of Malaya in his office today. It was an honour for us to meet Dr Mohamed Aslam, share our ideas and opinions, and to get a deeper insight on the political economics from an expert point of view. Dr Mohamed Aslam has expressed his willingness to b...